As young parents or parents-to-be, you may have come across terms such as Jumperoo, Johnny jumps up, Exersaucer or baby jumper and wondered what they were all about. Well, this article aims to clarify on every issue concerning baby jumpers and more so on identifying the best baby jumper available in the market.

A baby jumper is a piece of baby equipment designed to give your baby upright exercise in a protected and safe manner. A simple structure of a baby jumper consists of a harness/seat that attaches to elastic straps. You simply buckle up your baby safely in the seat then they can use their feet to bounce up and down. A baby jumper is fun, inexpensive way for your baby to get his/her much-needed exercise and remain engaged. Exhaustion from all the playing in the jumper will result in the baby having a restful night’s sleep. The accompanying interactivity and visual stimulation in some baby jumpers are also a big plus on the baby’s happiness and psychological growth.

The Various Types of Baby Jumpers

It is indisputable that all baby jumpers are designed to perform the same function. However, there are different baby jumper types. Having knowledge of your particular needs and preferences is a great resource that can help you to sort through all the infant jumpers available in the market to settle for the best. Baby jumpers fall under three distinct groups namely doorway jumpers, stationary jumpers, and stationary activity centers.

Doorway Jumpers

This jumper type has a simple design and has no additional activities for the infant. It is made up of a seat that is attached to straps. These straps and bungee cables attach similarly. At the bungee cable end is a clip which is used to attach to your door frame. Since this jumper type is only used in the doorway, it lacks as much popularity as other jumpers which can be moved around or used outside. The lack of additional activities for infants on doorway jumpers makes them less preferable by parents.

Stationary Jumpers

Stationary baby jumpers are more simplistic and only consist of a frame, a seat, and an elastic cord. They only provide the jumping up and down aspect without offering any other extras.

Stationary Activity Jumpers

These are your typical stationary jumpers with an included tray filled with many toys. A stationary activity jumper couples the bouncing and jumping with a fun experience of playing with all kinds of toys. The toys vary in design and are meant to keep you baby entertained all through.

Jumper WeightMax Baby WeightRatingPrice

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

15.8254.8 Star Rating$$$

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

3.5254.4 Star Rating$$

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

17.2254.5 Star Rating$$$

Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper

2.7244.2 Star Rating$

Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

11.3244.4 Star Rating$$$

Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn

22254.4 Star Rating$$$

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo

17254.4 Star Rating$$$

Bright Starts Sweet Safari Bounce-a-Round

15.2254.4 Star Rating$$

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition

20.9254.4 Star Rating$$$

Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around

11.5254.2 Star Rating$$$

The Best Baby Jumper Brands

There are a lot of reputable companies out there that make baby products and in particular baby jumpers. Some of the most popular brands include Evenflo, Fisher-Price, Graco, Baby Einstein, Jolly Jumper and Little Tikes.


This is an American company that has an extensive experience of about 80 years producing baby toys and baby gear. It is thus not a surprise that this brand dominates on the best baby jumper list with up to 3 entries. The company has a portfolio of over 5000 toy designs since the 1930s. The ingenuity and creativity that is exhibited in their toys do not go unnoticed when they churn out their stationary activity center jumpers.


The company which was founded in 1920 has mastery in manufacturing car seats, strollers, doorway jumpers, and stationary activity centers. This is evident with the massive sales they make with their Evenflo and Exersaucer branded baby products. Exersaucer is especially a household name when it comes to baby jumpers.

Baby Einstein

This company has its roots as far back as 1996 having changed owners from Walt Disney to Kids II, Inc. Baby Einstein focuses on interactive activities and toys for infants and toddlers. The company does live up to their “Einstein” name as most of their baby jumpers come highly recommended and not to mention their accompanying toys and fun activities.

Top 5 Best Baby Jumpers

The market is littered with both high quality and substandard baby jumpers. A lot of research has been carried out to bring the below list of five of the best baby jumpers. It will help you narrow down to the ideal item for your baby.

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Rainforest Jumperoo from Fisher-Price is indisputably one of the best baby jumpers in the market right now. It offers a broad range of desirable features. With its seat rotating at 360 degrees, the baby can turn about and interact with all toys from any angle. It’s plastic platform is designed with a setup of five toys which can play music, light up, or be put into motion. The animal toys include a tiger parrot, monkey, and elephant.

It’s seat height is adjustable to accommodate baby growth. The jumper rewards the baby with lights and sounds every time they bounce or jump. This jumper has a 25-pound weight limit. Therefore, the baby can use it till they are aged around a year. Through grasping discoveries, colors, textures, jumping, spinning, and moving, the baby gets to develop both the large and small motor skills. Eye-hand coordination and cause and effect skill development are other child developmental features of this jumper.

Customer reviews suggest that this jumper is portable as it is considerably light. With a frame that pivots at lower positions, the jumper can be tucked in car trunks or under couches and beds. It’s safety derives from it’s sturdy and steady frame. The jumper features a three-stage adjustable seat made of soft spring covers for additional infant safety. The plastic jumper pieces can be wiped or sprayed for easy cleaning. Besides that, the jumper only requires around 10 minutes to assemble and this brings a lot of convenience to parents.





2. Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

The joys of jumping up and down will soar to greater heights with the Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle from Graco. Not to be fooled by its affordable price this baby jumper is not only very portable but also very entertaining for your little one. This baby equipment is designed with two soft, detachable, interactive toys. These toys are attached to the jumper’s adjustable play rings. Additionally, the jumper has a toy tray which allows your baby to carry along and play with their favorite toys while bouncing on the jumper.

Most parents prefer the sturdy clump designed to anchor the jumper since it is easy to secure. Further, the jumper takes very little space in the house as it does not require an extensive surface area on which to spread out. With a hidden safety cord and sturdy spring, the jumper can keep the baby secure. It also features a washable seat pad that is made out of polyester material which makes the jumper very easy to clean. Its non-twist straps make it easier to take the baby in and out while the no-mark clamp ensures that your doorways remain mark free. The Bumper Jumper will hold your baby until he/she is 25 pounds and comes with an adjustable height.



3. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

The Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is yet another fantastic product from Fisher-Price with eye-catching details and safety features. The Jumperoo has a heavy-duty steel frame with non-slip footings that gives firm support as your baby enjoys the jumping up and down. The seat has an adjustable height with up to three positions in considerations of the baby’s growing legs. Its compact design features easily removable tubes thus allowing easy portability and storage. The Luv U Zoo Jumperoo also has soft spring covers that help keep your little one’s fingers safe. The zoo-theme is further emphasized with animal sounds, music, and toys. This baby jumper integrates affordability and safety precautions to bring forth an essential item for your baby.





4. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper

This doorway jumper from Evenflo stimulates your baby through jumping exercises. This doorway jumper supports babies from 4 months to a maximum of 24 pounds. It has a washable, removable seat pad that is held up by straps on sturdy doorframe clamp. The clamp has a secure fit on most interior door frames from 3-6 inches thick. The Exersaucer requires absolutely no tools to assemble and equally easy to store and move around. This doorway jumper helps your child to develop motor skills while balancing exercise with entertainment. It is available in many color schemes such as Bumbly, Owl, Marianna and Pink Bumbly.





5. Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

More like an indoor swing set for your baby but with the necessary safety measures, this Jolly Jumper rids itself of all distractions like flashing lights and noise making devices. All that the jumper comes with are a support apparatus and a jumper. It mainly focuses on improving your baby’s motor skills, balance, coordination and muscle strength. Further, this jumper is better placed to aid the development of the sense of balance. This jumper offers remarkable spinal support as they bounce or jump. Such firm support is critical in the enhancement of proper bone and upright posture development.

This jumper is light since it weighs around 11 pounds only. With a simple design, the jumper is portable. Lack of toy and activity distractors leaves your baby focus on bouncing and jumping sessions. These sessions encourage the baby’s body to burn off energy thereby ensuring sufficient sleep for the baby at the right time. Two straps on a stand which connect to the jumper offer an all-important upward or downward focus as the baby bounces. Therefore, the baby cannot swing to any side and sustain injuries. The baby cannot develop irritation as well because the harness apparatus is designed with comfort.

Its minimalist design allows for easy assembly and cleaning. The Jolly Jumper on a Stand is free from fabric and plastic thus you are assured that the product will not accumulate odors over time. Its maximum weight is 28 pounds which translate to a couple years of use.






Things to Consider

When shopping for the best baby jumper, there are a couple of important factors to look out for. These aspects will help you in the comparison of the suitability of one infant jumper to another. Further, the different features of the baby jumpers will enhance your ability to narrow down your choices so that you may have an easy time to determine which jumper best meets your specific needs.

  • Seat Design – A comfortable seat that easily detaches is what you should expect in the best baby jumper. A plush padded seat with adjustable heights will also accommodate your baby as he or she grows. For easier cleaning, you need to go for a jumper featuring a detachable and washable seat.
  • Weight Limit – Commonly, if the baby can support his or her head unassisted then a baby jumper can be used. To avoid guesswork, manufacturers of these products specify a minimum age weight or height limit on the baby jumper. Therefore, a recommendable pick would be a jumper that is not too small and not too large with considerations that your baby can grow comfortably in. Disregard of the set weight limits may result in breaking of the straps and injury to the baby.
  • Storage – Having bulky baby equipment may eat up too much space in your storage room especially if you live in a small apartment. Luckily, most stationary jumpers including activity centers are easily foldable in a nesting design. This allows for easy storage and portability when moving around. Another option is if the identified peak can be disassembled and stored in parts.
  • Included interactive toys and activities – When your baby gets tired of jumping up and down then some fun activities, and toys will keep him/her engaged. They will not only be a source of happiness and entertainment but will also help in enhancing your baby’s cognitive skills and general development. Most brands will come packed with fun features like lights, sounds, music and various toys.
  • Adjustability – The ideal baby jumper should take into account that your baby is growing without compromising on the baby’s comfort. Therefore, you should choose a baby jumper that can be easily adjusted as the baby grows over the months or years.

Final Verdict

A good quality baby jumper will contribute a lot towards improving your baby’s motor skills, balance, coordination, and core strength. Notably, the baby’s development stage can help you best determine when to start using a baby jumper. This means that if the baby cannot support their head by themselves yet, then it is too early for it.

Stationary activity jumpers are preferably the best baby jumper to go for because they combine mental engagement with exercise. Safety is paramount when it comes to baby products thus take your time scrutinizing the items before purchase and take precautions when using them. Parents and experts have found out that limiting the baby’s time on the jumpers to a total of less than 30 minutes per day yields positive results.

Other alternatives to baby jumpers include baby bouncers and baby swings. They are either pushed, or motor-operated thus fall under baby jumpers regarding the baby’s growth and development.